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A few days ago, the McLean County Public Library in Livermore made an announcement on Facebook about a big event happening in December.

The event in question is a big ice skating event scheduled for December 14th...on a portable ice skating rink coming to the library on December 13th.

That Friday is when it will be assembled and then everyone can skate the next day.

Here's the thing:

I spoke with McLean County Public Library Outreach Coordinator Angie Smith who told me that the original plan was to hold the event on the portable rink at the library.

But December 14th is the same day as the Livermore Christmas parade and the rink would have been placed in the street in front of the library...right in the middle of the parade route.

So--and this is really cool--since the rink IS portable, it's going to be assembled in the Livermore Elementary School's cafeteria.

And there's more.

Two of the reasons this ice skating rink is portable is that it does not require water or electricity.

And it can open up to 40x80 feet. It's big.

The following Tuesday, December 17th, Santa and Mrs. Claus, an elf, and two REAL reindeer will make an appearance.

Oh, and Angie tells me that if anything comes up, they'll move the rink to the tennis court by the river.

Sounds like a big weekend in McLean County in just under a month.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

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