Last Friday, when I was broadcasting live at Royal Fountain Bleu in Sacramento, I got to meet Griffers the Groundhog.  Nikki Christian and her family have an animal rehabilitation program that allows them to nurse young animals back to health and then release them back into the wild.  Only thing, when it came time for Griffers to be released, he didn't want to go.  So, now, he's the adorable family pet!

Photo by Nikki Christian

And I love this photo!


Isn't he cute?  And, I know what you're thinking.  Griffers looks a little plump.  Well, he is.  And it's because he LOVES to eat.  Here's some video of Griffers eating a plum.

But he does get a little exercise too.  Here's video of Griffers playing in a pile of leaves!

And, after a long day of eating and playing Griffers basically just passes out.  This is what he does when he travels in the car . . .

Photo by Nikki Christian

LOL!  And Nikki informed me that Griffers is a hoarder.  He has basically built a storage pile in a hole up underneath the family's sofa and he routinely steals things and hides them in his stash.  His most recent victim . . . a pair of socks.  Nikki tried to stop him but he dove under the couch and hid them.

This is about the cutest thing I have ever seen!