If you've stopped by Gordon's True Value on Highway 54 here in Owensboro in the last month or so, you may have seen their latest employee.  Well, okay, so maybe she's not a "True" employee, but she's definitely become part of the team.  This is Hazel!

Hazel: The New Cat at Gordon's True Value

According to my friend David Stone, who works at the True Value location here in town, the cat showed up at the Hwy 54 store a few weeks ago.  One of True Value's beloved customers, Hazel, asked Lee Gordon, "What are you gonna name it?"  Lee said, "Well, Hazel.  I guess we're going to name it Hazel!"

Hazel has since become a staple of the store.  As you can see from the photos above, she is certainly making herself at home.  And there's no doubt about it.  She's home.  David says that Lee is "very proud" of that cat and why wouldn't he be?  She's already learned how to work the cash register, model the Big Green Eggs and bag up purchases!  I think it's time for a raise.

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