Well, I'm a dad.  AGAIN!  Last week, Kevin and I adopted a brand new dog from SPARKY!  His name is Yogi and he's our third Bichon Frise rescue. And, naturally, he's fitting right in to the household.

Photo by Kevin Bowlds

That's Yogi up top on the left.  That's Ellie on the top right.  And Dolly in the lower middle. All three dogs are rescues.  And Yogi joins the household via the Hancock County Animal Shelter via SPARKY.

It's been a week of butt-sniffing, dry humping, chasing after each other like Tasmanian devils, and playing full contact Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-inspired Tug-of-War, but they have absolutely hit it off.  And who wouldn't love this face?

Welcome home, Yogi!  Welcome to your new forever home.

If you would like to see other animals up for adoption through SPARKY, click here!  And stay tuned to The Morning Drive on 92.5.  We feature a brand new SPARKY Pet of the Week each Thursday morning.