I came across this story earlier this week and it absolutely touched my heart. Robbie Heli, senior at Novi High School in Novi, Michigan, didn't leave a dry eye in the house, as he ran into the endzone for a touchdown. Scoring touchdowns on the football field isn't unique, but Robbie Heil's story is.

Robbie, who is a special needs student, has been the Novi Wildcats manager for the  past four years. What makes his story even more special is that Robbie's mother has been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. When the Novi coaches found out about the Heil's situation, the team wanted to do something special for Robbie and his family. The team told their opponent South Lyon High that they wanted to put Robbie in the game and both teams agreed he should get to spike the ball in the endzone. Check out the video below, I can guarantee  it will make you feel good.

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