Last week a Kentucky mom made a plea to the community for help in finding her teen daughter who had been missing for almost two months.  We've got great news!


Lexy's story was shared multiple times on Facebook and social media and with the help of someone who saw Lexy's photo and called in she has been found.

I talked with Beth Loma, Lexy's mom and she is so thankful for everyone who helped to share her daughter's story and help find her.


Lexy was found in Versailles right outside of Lexington.  Someone phoned the Versailles Police Department and told them they had seen Lexy in a specific location.  She was found safe and brought into custody.  Beth shared that Lexy is not home at this time but she did receive a call from her and Lexy just wanted everyone to know she loves them.


There are a number of reasons children go missing.  It is one of my biggest fears as a mother someone taking one of my kids or them going missing.  The Kentucky State Police have a list of things to teach your children from a young age:

• Their first and last names.
• Home address.
• Telephone number, including area code.
• Parents’ first and last names.
• How to use the phone to dial “911” or “0” in an emergency, and how to make a long-distance call.
• A secret family password; and understand not to go with anyone unless they know the password. Not to go anywhere without permission from a parent, babysitter, or teacher.
• Not to stray from you in a public place, and to go to a police officer or store employee for help if they become lost.
• It is alright to say “No” to an adult if they sense danger. Teach them to yell “HELP! This is not my Dad/Mom!”. Continue to yell, kick and try to break loose until they get safely away.
• Never tell someone on the phone they are alone or open the door to strangers. If a delivery is being made, have them leave it on the porch.

They have multiple tips and suggestions check them out here.


Angel here and I had the opportunity to talk with Lexy's mother Beth Loma this week ask her about her daughter, Lexy.  Just as any mother does she told me about the things she talked about her love for her daughter and told me this:  she has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Would literally give the shirt off her back to help someone. She’s caring, helpful, a hard worker, smart, and loves her sisters.  She loves dogs, in fact, Lexy is obsessed with dogs and she loves riding horses.  She could listen to music all day and isn't a big fan of school LOL.  Sounds like your typical teenager right?!  Unfortunately, Lexy is not your typical teen.  She has some medical issues that require medicine.

I asked Beth to share a fun memory of Lexy and she told me this:

 When she was 5 we were at Chuck E. Cheese and she threw the biggest fit because the mouse up on the stage wouldn’t answer her.  I literally had to drag her out screaming and she kept saying “answer me Chuck E. “

I was speaking with Tiffany Hoffman, one of Lexy's former teachers and she told me she had Lexy and her sisters in class.  She told me she loved Lexy very much and wants to see her come home.

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If you've read the news you know this isn't the first time that Lexy has gone missing.  This time it has been almost two months.  As a parent I want you to close your eyes and imagine waking up and finding out your child is gone.  Let that sink in.  You search everywhere, make phone calls, go to social media, contact friends and family only to come up empty-handed.  You're getting nowhere and you aren't even sure if your child is safe, fed, sheltered, sick, or worse.  Now ask yourself would you want someone scrolling past your post on social media or telling you to just wait and see what happens?  NO, if you're anything like me you would be knocking down doors and doing whatever it took to find your child.

Lexy's mom posted this last night on the Help Find Lexy Ijames Facebook Page;

Since the page is growing and gaining more awareness, I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who is here! Parenting is never easy. It really does a take a village at times. Lexy’s story has now been shared on the news and radio. What I hope happens is that whoever is helping her, sees I’m not going to give up. I will fight forever to get her home.   Lexy if you see this we love you and miss you. Please come home!!




Lexy Ijames, of Owensboro, was last seen on Sunday, June 6. Her family desperately wants to bring her home and they are asking the community to help.

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