Most states have an unclaimed property vault. For years, I thought that just meant that there was money in a vault at the state treasury that you're owed and didn't know it.

While it DOES mean that, it also means ACTUAL property.

According to a WAVE3-Louisville report, there all kinds of treasures in Frankfort waiting to be claimed, and not just money.

For example, in that vault is an autographed picture of baseball legend Joe DiMaggio accompanied by an autographed ball.

How cool is that?!?

When WAVE3 spoke with State Treasurer Allison Ball, she mentioned medals, coins, old campaign buttons, old baseball cards and--are you ready for this?--an URN containing ashes.

So, yeah, there's more than just unclaimed money at the state treasury and some of it could be yours or could belong to a member of your family.

But mainly, there's lots of money--close to $90 million.

And it belongs to us. But it's up to US to do the necessary footwork (read: paperwork) to claim it.

Do you think you have unclaimed property at the state treasury? Click here and find out. And good luck.


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