I can assure you that when there is something you thoroughly enjoy that happens once a year and then it doesn't happen--and it always had--you don't realize how much you miss it until you get it back.

For me, that was the 2021 NCAA Tournament. I am an enormous fan of college hoops, but it might go deeper than even I realize. In the past, I'd miss some games--there are 67 of them--and that would be okay. This year, I wanted all of them. And I made sure I had everything set up on my Roku so I could record them, since they were on four different networks the first weekend.

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Obviously, it's in my DNA, but it isn't a rite of passage like a high school prom is for teens across the nation. And last year, the COVID-induced dumpster fire of a spring semester threw everything out of whack. Everything got cancelled. Students were thrust into remote learning. It was a mess, as we all know.

Well, events we missed are starting to return like, for example, PROMS. And Muhlenberg County High School has announced that its 2021 prom is on, and they did so in this message:

Alright kids, the ball--that big silver spinning one over the dance floor (do they still do that?)--is in your court.

Have fun.

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