Let me go ahead and give a quick disclaimer. One of the people I am highlighting in my annual Halloween Top 10 list technically doesn't live in Owensboro.  But, he used to.  Sammy Tanner (a.k.a. Patti Melt) and I met at Kentucky Wesleyan College way back in (insert cough and gasp) 1989 and he is staple of this list.

And, another, Laura Richey, doesn't technically live in the 'Boro either, but she's right across the pond and she works here.  Look!  I needed to condense the headline, okay?

Each year, I love combing through my Facebook feed the day after Halloween.  I always say this, but it bears repeating on annual basis.  I have some wonderfully creative friends who adore Halloween and, each year, spend considerable amounts of time game-planning their costumes and working to bring them to life.

2021 was no exception.  And I have to say, it feels good to bring this list back.  Last year, I didn't share it.  A lot of Halloween parties were canceled due to the increasing rise in COVID-19 cases and the timing just didn't seem right and the true spirit of the list seemed a bit dimmed.  But, my list is back and my friends, as predicted and usual, careered their Halloween looks this year.

So, without further adieu, here's Chad Ranks His Friends' Halloween Costumes- the 2021 edition.

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Each year, I love scrolling through Facebook on Halloween to see what my friends are dressing up as! And, for fun, I rank the looks for an annual Top Ten list. Here are this year's "best of the best!" ENJOY!

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