Twenty-five years, it has been twenty-five years since I graduated from Ohio County High School, the class of '94. Here's an interesting fact, we had a five year, ten year, and a fifteen-year reunion. I didn't attend any of those, but Saturday night, I had a change of heart. 

Back in high school, I was quiet, quirky, funny, and not really a social butterfly outside of when the band had to be at football and basketball games, or marching competitions. I didn't always keep to myself, but I wasn't in the traditional sense, outgoing. And I wasn't the only one. I went to a handful of dances, including prom with one of my best friends and I always had a great time.

I was also what I like to call myself, a friend of all, in the sense, I was a friend to some of the popular kids and a friend to my core group of friends who were like me. That mostly came from the fact my Dad was a teacher/coach/and later an assistant principal so everyone pretty much knew who I was, including the teachers and the administration. Some of them were his teachers, friends, and classmates. I had an identity, but it was just part of me. I need to mention my Dad and I graduated 25 years apart; he and his class held their 50th reunion earlier this year. He helps plan them, so I hear a lot about reunions.

So why did I not attend a reunion until now? It's a little complicated. In my opinion, a five-year reunion is a little too soon. A ten-year is a good starting point. I think I was and I still am insecure about interacting with people I know, but will they know and remember who I was or who I am now? Obviously, I've never been married, I have no children, so I used to think that was a benchmark of a reunion. I've learned to accept that's not my benchmark. And that's okay. I wasn't out in high school but you know what? No big deal, I just fell into conversations, stories, and a lot of laughs, it felt great.

I hugged several people I probably have never hugged or haven't hugged since school. And there were a few classmates I had known since first grade there. Yes, the fact I'm on the radio gives me a certain amount of cred with everyone and they all mentioned it. I can't imagine what else I would be doing. Was "Lucious Leona" brought up? Yep, and I didn't mind it at all. It's another part of my history.

In short, whether you reunite with your class or a small group of friends, just enjoy it. If you don't want to go, that's okay too. I was very anxious as I pulled into the parking lot, but as I walked towards the door, another classmate who had also never been to a reunion, he walked in with me and his wife. All my anxiety started to melt away when I scanned the room. I knew all those faces and those laughs, and facial expressions.

Stacie Abbott/Facebook
Stacie Abbott/Facebook

I want to thank the Class of '94, this was cool. Can you find me?

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