Posting pictures and updates while you're on vacation is irresistible, right? I'm not very active on my personal Facebook page, but even I like to post vacation pics to social media. But never again.

My friend, PJ Starks, and his family just returned from vacation to find their home ransacked and several items stolen.

Whoever the culprits are, they kicked his side door in, tearing up a bunch of siding, and then helped themselves to every TV in the house.

They stole all the PS4 and Wii games that were available, not to mention a hand-held mini-cam, a pair of military binoculars, a blu-ray player, SELECT movies, and some family mementos.

PJ told me the house looked just like they do in movies or on TV--everything trashed, closet doors open, the works.

He and I talked about vacation posting and I bet he's done with that practice. I know I am.

Seriously, there are just some real scumbags out there waiting to prey on innocent people doing nothing more than enjoying their lives.

Vacation season is coming up, so everyone please be careful about what you post on social media.

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