As many of you know, I performed at the Legendary Live Music Fest last Saturday. (Awesome!!) I've had really good intentions of telling y'all about it here all week....then, all of sudden, it's Thursday! Oops! So, anyway...I still wanted to share and I hope you enjoy it!

Let's just say that Friday and Saturday were REALLY busy!! I did my midday show from the concert site on Friday so I had plenty of time for the nerves to set in! That stage is a big un! (But, I LOVE it!) My band was coming in for practice around 6pm. (Thanks to Drew Aud and the boys from Insulated for the practice space!) After practicing for a little over an hour, we headed off to Friday After 5! We sang a song and talked about the concert for a little bit. It was fun!! Then, we were off to Diamond Lake for Relay For Life. I was very honored that they asked me to sing two songs during the luminary ceremony. It is always such a touching time and it was great to be a part of it. Next...sleep time!!

So, Saturday morning rolls around and to say my tummy was turning is an understatement! I mean, let's be honest...I was opening for LoCash Cowboys, Brett Eldredge, Jason Michael Carroll, Kellie Pickler, Rodney Atkins and Montgomery  Gentry!!! WOW!! We headed over to the site around 8:30am for breakfast!! (Yummy!!) The Legendary boys (they are awesome!) had a camo camper set up for us at first...then, we upgraded!! Yep...movin' on up!! Haha! It really was such a fun experience to have with the band of being together before a show, getting ready together ( didn't take the boys very long, but Katie and I had fun!!), it was a really cool feeling!!

Chad videoed pretty much all day and y'all know he got the good stuff! Including my before pics...before make-up, hair and outfit...yep, it was rough! BIG Thank You to my friend Lauren Hauser for making my hair look awesome!! Blossoms is always so nice and helpful when it comes to deciding on an outfit, which I LOVED!! Y'all know Carol Kaye at Images Day Spa in Hartford made sure my eyelashes looked awesome!! And, I can't forget Lance at Lance & Co  Jewelers... my bling was awesome!! (Even thou I was SO nervous wearing it!!)

When show time rolled around, even thou I was extremely nervous...I was ready!! Once those stage shoes go on...there's no turning back!! I was listening to Chad talk about me (and, he was nice!!), sitting on the back of the stage and I looked up and someone said "Hi" to was Jason Michael Carroll!! What?!?! He was so nice, it really calmed my nervous... Let's Do This!!

It doesn't matter if I'm performing at a hole-in-the-wall bar with 5 people watching or if it's a stage that big with a few thousand there....that feeling is unbelievable!! There's nothing like being on was awesome!!

So, I know what you really want to hear...the scoop!! Haha! Well, here's my lodown...

LoCash Cowboys - Y'all know that I met them with Chad when we were at St.Jude in Memphis. Well, Preston and I have stayed in contact with each other. They were awesome to EVERYONE!! Such nice guys and what performers?!?! They are great and we'll be seeing lots more of them in the near future!!

Brett Eldredge - He was really nice too! Introduced myself to him in the green room and he was just really sweet! Plus, I made him blush on our was awesome!! H-O-T-T!! (Ha!)

Jason Michael Carroll - He was maybe the overall nicest one to everyone the entire day! He just seemed really was refreshing!

Kellie Pickler - The only time I saw her was when she took her 14 inch heels off and ran to the bus...check out below what our new friend Connor had to say about it...haha!

Rodney Atkins - He actually pulled Chad & I aside after we announced him to thank us on a job well done. You don't get that alot...classy guy!

(Montgomery) Gentry - Ok, I only saw Troy!! But, he was super nice and was walking around in the back with no shoes on....they ARE from Kentucky!!

Overall...what an amazing experience! Thank You for all of your support! I've had so many people call in to tell me Good Luck! I really appreciate y'all!!

Last, but not least...THANK YOU to Todd, Larry and Kevin for trusting us to include us in your show!! Y'all are awesome!

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