Long before Highway 54 became what it has become and IS becoming, in terms of traffic, there was Frederica Street. There IS Frederica Street. There will ALWAYS be Frederica Street and its own unique issues.

So I've come up with my own personal Ten Commandments of Frederica Street. And, just like with my Ten Commandments of the Big Dipper, TURNING LEFT is a thing.

So let's start there:

1. Thou shalt not turn left onto Frederica without a traffic light. Oh there are times when it's okay, but the most important times--the BUSIEST parts of the day? It's just best to turn right or find another intersection.

2. Thou shalt be on the lookout for those who text while driving. We all know this is FLAT WRONG, but occurrences of this terrible practice seem more frequent on Frederica. Is it because there are so many opportunities to stop and the temptation becomes too great? Whatever the reason, beware.

3. Thou shalt be alert to the possibility of roadwork. I think that maybe Frederica is so long, that by the time crews finish working on something on one end, it's time to work on something on the other end.

4. Thou shalt remember that, just as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, the traffic on Frederica will NEVER die down, despite rumors of its demise. I still avoid Frederica if I can, even though I work on Frederica.

5. Thou shalt remember that 35 MPH isn't the speed limit for the entire length of Frederica Street at all times. You can't just go be-bopping along at that speed and think it's still okay in front of Owensboro High School during school bus hours. Plus, the limit is also 35 MPH when you get downtown, but that always seems too fast for that part of town.

6. Thou shalt sit there for a while if you're AT Frederica but not ON Frederica at an intersection with a traffic light. Frederica traffic will always get preferential treatment with regards to the lights. Booth, Griffith, coming off the bypass? Forget it.

7. Thou shalt not forget to look over at the old Texas Gas building when you pass it. After all these years, it STILL gets my attention. I continue to hope for its resurgence.

8. Thou shalt recognize that just after passing Parrish Avenue going north or approaching 9th Street going south, you can change lanes without turning you steering wheel even one millimeter. Ever notice that? Keep driving straight and you'll end up in another lane.

9. If you are new to Owensboro, thou shalt remember that 2nd and 5th Streets are only one way heading west, while 4th Street is only one way heading east. 3rd Street goes both ways. Irregular? Yes. Slightly reminiscent of how they do things in downtown LOUISVILLE? Yes (he said, while clinching his teeth in irritation.)

10. Finally, thou shalt no longer have to wonder where in the world the name FREDERICA comes from, thanks to the Daviess County Public Library. Yep, it started as a buffalo trail and NOW look at it. I doubt buffalo would want to roam on it today.

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