While I'm fully aware that Highway 54 and vicinity is growing like Jack's beanstalk on steroids, I don't see it running South Frederica out of town on a rail.

I drive back from Muhlenberg County twice a week and what I see when I get into town is a very busy shopping and dining district.

Yes, we know that the Malco will be relocating to that new shopping complex out between 54 and Pleasant Valley Road in 2018.

But how many people really make a night of shopping AND going to a movie?

Dinner and a movie? Sure.

Ah, but what about matinees, you ask?

Again, how often are they incorporated into shopping trips?

I'm asking because I really don't know.

Okay, long story short...

South Frederica is still home to very popular retail stores and restaurants that I just don't see hightailing it to Highway 54.

For one thing, 54 is running out of room.

Yeah, I know Tumbleweed has been sitting there empty for several years and it has to make people wonder why nothing has gone in there yet.

But maybe it doesn't NEED to be another restaurant with Cracker Barrel, O'Charley's, Friday's, Applebee's, and the Olive Garden right there.

Again, I just named five restaurants that don't seem to be in any danger of dying in popularity any time soon.

Anyway, it's just my humble opinion.

And I hope I'm right.



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