Ah the joys of home ownership -- fall leaves. Cue the music please. Take your pick of "Autumn Leaves".

We used to have these birch trees, three of them in the back, and the emphasis is on "used" because they are gone now. When they were with us, they dumped a good ton of leaves in the yard. With their passing (we have them removed) the yard is more manageable. In fact, I wait until Thanksgiving to rake them up and place them in front for the City of Owensboro's "leaf collection" agents to drive by area 5-C and scoop them up and deposit the remains at Ben Hawes.

Tomorrow is also the designated day for running the lawn  mower around the domicile one last time for the season and to drain it and the trimmer of gasoline. A noisy process that no doubt bugs my neighbors to no end.So, morning show, then work in yard, then grill. Love it.

We shall have a dandy non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I shall "leave" you alone.

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