My daughter is about to turn six. Up till now, we've celebrated every year with a theme party. We've done rainbows, Minnie Mouse, Snoopy, unicorns, and Bat girl parties complete with friends, food, cake, and gifts. To be honest, it's all kind of exhausting. So, this year I asked my kiddo if she'd rather go to an amusement park for the day with her best friend or have a short party with several friends. Luckily, she chose the amusement park day!

We decided to try Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay so we could go with MY best friend as well who resides in Louisville. I haven't been there in a long time and I had heard they have some new attractions. Ticket prices range from $39.95-44.95. 

Ashley S

Kentucky Kingdom offers more than 70 rides and attractions, including a huge water park with two wave pools, two rivers, lots of water slides, and two water play areas designed especially for children; five world-class roller coasters; lots of thrill rides; many classic family favorites like the Giant Wheel; and a large selection of children’s rides.

When we arrived, we got there right around 10 and parked really close to the park. There's nothing worse than being worn out from a day of play and then having to walk 15 miles to your hot car.

When we went in, we immediately started with the rides. There were rides for every age. In King Louis' Playland, there were so many young child rides for them to enjoy! The kids rode for three hours straight with very little lines.

Then we made our way over to Hurricane Bay water park. Before we left the KK side, we had to cool off in the 5-D theater. IT WAS AWESOME. You get to "ride" a roller coaster without leaving your stationary seat. You really feel like you are riding it. So fun!

We stopped at Swampwater Jack's for lunch. I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich that came with a side salad and my daughter got the kids meal with a fruit pouch and a drink. Most park food is pretty gross but I was impressed with the food quality. The chicken was tender and salad was fresh. My daughter was really happy with the tenders too.

Then we hit Hurricane Bay. It was HOT outside so this was a refreshing change. We played for a few hours in the kiddie areas. Then we made our way to the Adventure River which was actually pretty lazy. So nice to relax! Our last excursion at Hurricane Bay was the wave pool! There are two - one for big kids and one for families. My daughter had a BALL in the wave pool! My knees are bruised from her spring boarding off them in the waves. Life jackets and sunscreen were provided for free which was awesome! We didn't get to ride the rollercoasters and big kid rides but they looked so fun!

Ashley S

On our way out, we rode the antique carousel. I don't know the story on this charming addition but it was gorgeous and nostalgic.

I was really impressed with Kentucky Kingdom and will defiantly be back. It's also worth noting that we had an autistic child with us and KK not only provides special autism quiet rooms but also allows children with documented autism to bump the line so there are no meltdowns. These accommodations are so awesome for autism families because you want to take your child to have a fun day like anyone else but the challenges can sometimes outweigh the fun. Kentucky Kingdom rolled out the red carpet so we all could have a great time.

So, if you are thinking about a day, or two day trip, consider Kentucky Kingdom! You'll have a great time!