Three mysterious animal deaths were reported in Monroe County last week. A fourth was reported over the weekend. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has found inconclusive evidence as to what could have committed the slaughter.

The first victims were three horses and a dog. Authorities determined a large, predatory animal, such as a big cat seen above, could have killed the animals. The manner of death was also especially vicious.

A biologist from the Department of Fish and Wildlife found animal tracks around the property of Eddie Denton, but it's not known just what kind of animal authorities are looking for.

A fourth animal, a calf, was found dead last Friday less than a mile from where the first three deaths occurred. As of Monday, it could not be confirmed if the death was related to the others.

Earlier this year, a mountain lion was spotted in the Louisville suburb of Anchorage. Both mountain lions and bobcats have been found in Kentucky in the past, the latter being more common.

Five years ago, a gray wolf was taken down in Hart County, which is an hour north of Monroe, and black bears have been spotted now for several years in and around Western Kentucky.

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