I have questions about two construction sites in Owensboro I pass by almost every day. One is getting close to completion, one is just starting, but what are they going to be? 

Site #1


So this one is behind the Independence Bank Branch at the corner of Frederica and 25th Street. I thought it was an independent (no pun intended) building, but there's a bridge between the bank and whatever this building is. The sign posted by it says something to the effect of "growing". Okay, so it has to do with the bank, but how?

Site #2


I pass this site every day on my way to work. It's just east of the first site at the corner of 25th and J.R. Miller Boulevard. I know it used to be a salvage, junked cars lot. In the past couple of weeks, the fence by J.R. Miller came down the lot has been totally cleared. I saw some gravel and maybe concrete work going on. Any ideas?