Monday, the day before we left for Nashville, Chad and I discussed how incredibly hot  it was going to be  while doing the live broadcast from the Grand Ole Opry Plaza. I told him that I didn't expect miracles; just keep the water handy. Well, despite the shade, it was hot and the water was handy. And we had a BLAST!

I love broadcasting from Nashville, especially during CMA Music Fest week. The town's loaded with artists, yes, but the best part is the fans who come from far and wide to soak in a lot of great country music and Nashville atmosphere. And we met a lot of them.

There were folks from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, California, Florida, Canada, and Brooklyn. The couple from Brooklyn told me the horror story of how they can only listen to country music on satellite. They don't get country music videos and there are no country stations in New York City. For shame!

Yeah, if they want to hear country radio they have to drive out to eastern Long Island and pick up a station out of Connecticut, which, ironically is also 92.5. Chad wrote about another group of folks who also listen to 92.5 in Philadelphia. It was a great day filled with kettle corn, a hitchhiking cicada (check the photo), and a free concert from Jerrod Niemann.

Another terrific day in Nashville! Hey, listen, even when it's not CMA Music Fest week, Nashville is an awesome place to visit. It takes under two hours to get there from Owensboro--even less in other parts of the tri-state. There are so many people in this country who don't have such a luxury.