Picture it, in the 1980s, every Saturday, I used to watch local wresting from Evansville and Bowling Green. I would eventually watch the big-time wrestling like WWE (WWF then) because almost all of the local stars would eventually make it to the highest echelon of sports entertainment and they would appear in countless Pay-Per-View events.

And who is one of the best to ever wrestle and he would entertain to no end? The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.


Okay, confession, I didn't see Flair a lot in my younger days. But if you saw him, you never forgot him. WCW (World Champion Wrestling) and NWA were the first instances a national audience got to witness the artistry both in and out of the ring. Exhibit A:

Flair was-is one of the best at committing his character and to his gimmick. Although, if you do some research, the "Nature Boy" had a reputation just as storied as his character. The last time Flair stepped in the ring was in September of 2011, when he faced Sting in an Impact Wrestling match.

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Here is the promo for Flair's last match:

It just so happens, that WWE Summer Slam will take place, also in Nashville, on July 30th. Of course, now, who will be Flair's opponent is still under wraps.

Tickets for the Last Match will go on sale next Friday, May 27th at Noon Eastern. If you are a die-hard fan, "The Roast of Ric Flair" will be held on July 29th, just follow the same ticket link.


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