Show of many of you still have a landline? Did you know that the majority--like, around 80%--of everyone who calls 911 does so on a mobile phone and not a landline?

NPR tells us that those who call 911 on a landline might find that responders could find it difficult to know exactly where they are.

After all, you're not always at home when you use your mobile, right? That's just how we live.

Well, Apple is having no more of it.

They've hooked up with a company called RapidSOS and, when iOS12 is released later this year, this association will lead to 911 operators being able to give responders your exact location.

The NPR piece also acknowledges that there are privacy concerns attached to this new technology, but Apple assures that only the 911 center will have access to a caller's exact location.

I think this is a TREMENDOUS development.

I'm anxious for Google to start doing the same thing with Android systems.


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