Who wants some shrimp & grits? Chef David Iverson from Charleston, South Carolina is bringing some tasty southern dishes to town. Poppa Daddy's is set to roll into Lewisport this weekend.

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Lowcountry cuisine is hard to come by in the area. All of those special spices and southern recipes. Yum! Have you been craving some shrimp & grits, black-eyed peas, and collard greens? Chef David Iverson is going to take you on a food journey. He'll be serving all the most iconic Lowcountry dishes out of his new food truck.


You'd better come hungry! There's no shortage of delicious food that'll make your mouth water. Some say it's the best food in the country. I'm talking about southern cuisine with hearty and flavorful ingredients. Chef David Iverson is living out his dream by opening a food truck. That dream will become a reality tomorrow when the truck rolls into Lewisport, Kentucky. He'll be set up between Poole’s Pharmacy and IGA on Saturday, June 22nd, and Sunday, July 23rd, 2023. Food will be served from Noon to 7 PM each day. There will be samples available to choose your favorites.

Gail Sartain
If you have an opportunity, go sample some of Dave's cooking! You won't be disappointed.

Judie Barrington Hagen
Congratulations. Go, David!!

Brenda LbBalow
Unfortunately, I live so far away. I’d be first in line for some shrimp & grits.


Taunya Marie Iverson
Taunya Marie Iverson

Cathy Day Jensen
So maybe we need to take a day trip to get some good eats????

Why yes! Yes, you do. Support Chef David and his dream.

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