Guess what? No happy campers will be hitting the open road in a FREE luxury RV. In case you didn't know, it's fake news, ya'll. What's behind the scam? There's a reason they want you to like, comment and share their page.

Katrianne Vieira via Canva

There are many different versions of the RV giveaway that continues to float around Facebook. I have to admit, I've fallen for the scam. I was so excited to think that I had a chance to win a new motorhome. While there are legitimate contests on Facebook, this isn't one of them. I did some digging to find out why these keep popping up.

The first clue that this is not real. It always starts the same where they are "sad to announce that (insert name) from (insert city, state) isn't eligible to win due to being under the age of (insert age)."

Second clue is to look at the contact information. This "" isn't what a contact would look like and you probably shouldn't click it.

Another clue would be the website that they want you to go to for registration validation. They ask you to go to and enter your information. I didn't click on the link to go any further, and you probably shouldn't either!

They are just attempting to obtain information from you. As soon as you engage, they are gathering what they need.

Jayco even addressed this scam recently on their own Facebook Page.

"We are not running a giveaway for any Jayco RV. We have taken the necessary steps to report the page(s) responsible for the misleading giveaways. If we ever do run any official Jayco sales event or giveaway, it will be promoted through our official Jayco company page. In addition, we would never ask for your personal information, under no circumstance should you provide your personal information to anyone."

Many have caught on to the most recent scam, but I'm still seeing it shared all over my Facebook feed this week.

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