I know, all thoughts of snow may have crept out of your mind for the past few days, but this is something we are all guilty of, especially when we have a lot of snow, we don't properly clean off our cars.

Massive Winter Storm Brings Snow And Heavy Winds Across Large Swath Of Eastern Seaboard
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

When the snow keeps coming, it's hard to keep our cars cleared off. Then, there's a break and we need to get out, which is a whole other blog: why do people want to drive in snow and ice? Anyway, there's always that nice big glob or snow and maybe ice plopped down on top, and I know I rarely clear it off.

The state of Virginia is proposing a law that would fine drivers $100 bucks for not clearing off their cars prior to driving them. I'm sure you saw ice and snow falling off all kinds of cars when it finally warmed up last week. The bottom line is, that big winter chunk could impair the driver behind you or in the next lane. We may rarely see two feet or more of snow here, but it's always a good idea to check on how extensive the cover up is.

Is this a good law or a waste of money?

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