It's the official kick-off of "The District" in Downtown Owensboro tonight. We've got the rules and what you need to know as you head to the Riverfront.

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We knew this was coming and it's happening tonight. "The District" will be open for visitors to the Owensboro Riverfront. The City of Owensboro announced it moments ago on their Facebook Page.

"The District is a portion of downtown Owensboro that allows alcoholic beverages on public property during certain permitted special events. The District allows patrons at participating businesses to leave the premise with an alcoholic beverage in a specially marked 16 oz. cup."

City of Owensboro
Here are the Basic Rules:

  1. Alcoholic beverages are only allowed on public property during designated special events.District cups are never permitted inside:
    • Lazy Dayz Playground
    • Shelton Memorial in Smothers Park
    • Any church property
  2. Alcoholic beverages must be purchased from a participating business inside the boundaries of The District and will be placed in specially marked cups.
  3. Patrons cannot carry cups into another business location.
  4. Cups must stay within the boundaries of The District (look for signs that indicate the boundaries of The District)
City of Owensboro