I wasn't even going to write this, and if I hadn't overheard your comment, I wouldn't have. And I wish I hadn't; who wants to be mad on a beautiful day?


Dear Motorist:

While waiting for the light to turn green earlier today, I noticed an elderly gentleman walking alongside J.R. Miller Boulevard heading toward the overpass. I'm guessing, based on the timing of what you said, you saw him at the same time I did. And, again, I wouldn't have heard you had neither of our windows been open a bit on this gorgeous day. I'm just glad HE didn't hear you; I'm assuming he didn't.

With regard to your ugly comment about the man's attire, let me tell you that my mother also dealt with some incontinence issues in her final years. It happens with elderly people from time to time, and, yes, it is a hit on their dignity, but it's also a fact of life, and most of them deal with it admirably.

Do I need to remind you that one day you could be in that same position? And if it were to happen around me, I'd immediately come to your defense, as I am now for the man on J.R. Miller Blvd. But, considering the fact that you are much younger than me, I won't be around if it happens.

Legendary Oscar-winning actress Bette Davis--I realize it's possible you don't know who that is, understandably--had many quotable movie lines, but she is also known for one of her OWN comments:

"Getting old is not for sissies."

Well, let's say the quote is often CREDITED to her. But whoever said it is beside the point. The fact is that it's true. The elderly have a lot to deal with--declining health and financial worries are chief among them.

Those are biggies and likely don't afford seniors the time to WORRY about little things they don't notice that THEY might think would harm their dignity. They certainly don't need the likes of you behaving childishly at their expense.

Before I finish, I want you to think about your grandparents, your great-aunts and great-uncles, and just anyone in your life who is much older. How do you feel about them? How would you feel if you heard someone make derogatory comments about them?

Life is a huge challenge and becomes far more challenging the longer you're allowed to stay on this planet and enjoy it.

I hope no one ever tries to tear you down like that. I almost didn't write this, but I decided to use this forum to get it off my chest. Have a good day.


Dave Spencer


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