I have to admit that overtime I see an Opossum, I get creeped out. To me, they look like nature made a horror film character and that scary nocturnal creature is the  Opossum. But, I'm also an animal lover, soooooo, I have been known to about wreck the car swerving to avoid hitting one crossing the road.

Nature has a wonderful way of giving us exactly what  we need. Just like how bats defend our backyards against mosquitos, Opossums actually protect us, I'm much the same way, against ticks. Which, makes them our best defense when it comes to Lyme Disease.

Each Opossum kills around 5000 ticks, PER WEEK! WOW!

According to returntonow.net,

......squirrels, mice and opossums, which all eat ticks, and found opossums were the most effective exterminators.

Ticks favor opossums twice as much as the other rodents, the researchers, from Syracuse University, found.

Fortunately, for humans, possums are also the most effective at killing the disease-carrying pests.

Opossums kill almost every tick that occupies them, the study found. A single opossum kills over 5500 ticks per week.


More cool facts about Opossums.

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