It happened. We saw it. There was a point this weekend when we were in the car and my temperature gauge briefly said "100 degrees."

Earlier today, it sat on "99 degrees" for a good while. Of course, when I spoke with Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart a little later, he confirmed that those outside temperature gauges that are inside cars tend to read a little warmer. He was right. It was "only" 95 degrees.

I hope I don't sound terribly surprised by all this because it IS late June and we ARE in the Ohio Valley and we have come to expect it. We have decades of experience.

And I'll tell you something else...if I was still planning to do what I've done many, many times in the past, I would NOT be looking forward to it.

I'm talking about setting off fireworks.

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Now don't get me wrong. I love fireworks. I am 100% on board. But for several years, I was the one in charge of setting them all off. And on a hot July night (and I don't have to tell YOU this), hovering over fireworks and dripping sweat just isn't my idea of the most fun way to spend a holiday.

This year, I'm chipping in and letting someone else handle the lighter.

And THIS year, we should be getting one of the nicest Fourth of July weekends we've ever had.

Take a look at this seven-day forecast from Eyewitness News as of June 29th at 5:09 PM:

Eyewitness News
Eyewitness News

Amazing. I can't remember the last time we had beautiful weather like that on the Fourth of July. Of course, there's time for that to change, but I certainly hope it doesn't. But even if those high temperatures go up a little, the humidity should still be well within a comfortable range.

I'd say there will be MULTIPLE reasons to celebrate.

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