When I was watching Top Chef Texas this week, I was a little tired. I had already turned out all the lights and the gleaming of the TV was all that was left. By the way, Top Chef is a great show and it is currently in its ninth season. And for the first time ever, Kentucky is represented in the competition. Louisville's Edward Lee is the chef/owner of 610 Magnolia. He has thrived in the competition after nearly missing the cut.  This week's challenge was all about pit barbeque and the chefs were required to cook three proteins, beef brisket, pork ribs, and chicken all on a pit and/or smoker. Here's what they were dealing with:

As head judge Tom Colicchio went around to check on the cooking teams, he got Lee's plan for flavoring the brisket and he said: "...in Owensboro, they do something called a 'mop sauce', a little more looser, a little more vinegary..." And Lee basically means, the meat is mopped with sauce as its cooking, but I don't have to tell residents of the barbeque capital of the world that. Not to be a spoiler, but Lee's team survived this week's challenge, and I hope he continues on and heck, maybe he can even win the competition.

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