The most wonderful week of the year for local foodies is here as we celebrate the 3rd Annual Owensboro Burger Week.  With 40 special burgers from area restaurants, there is something for everyone. My co-host is trying his darndest to eat every single burger, and I decided to tag along this weekend for the delicious ride. I may not be able to handle that much grub in a week, but I'm gonna try. Plus, he's gotta have someone to split them with right? To be able to taste them all, we have to pace ourselves as you will see in the gallery below.

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Here's what we've had so far, and truly, there hasn't been a "dud" among them. I was actually pleasantly surprised by a couple of them because I didn't know what to expect from some of the interesting flavor combinations offered. I'll try just about anything once. Between the two of us, we've already sampled 15 burgers.

@92.5_wbkr First Day of Owensboro Burger Week 2024!! They were all DELICIOUS!! What are you excited to try? #owensborokentucky #owensboro #owensboroburgerweek #visitowensboro #garysdrivein #nikosbakeryandcafe #windyhollowbiscuithouse #oldhickorybbq #libertalia #jordys #realhacienda #carnivalcafe #foodies #meatsweats #wbkr ♬ Beast Mode - ROKKA

Day one was pretty epic. Not included in this video is Big Dipper's double dipper that I tackled for dinner. That bad boy packs a serious punch. If you love heat, this one is for you with the ghost pepper cheese and the sweet peppers and onions, just get an ice cream to cool you off after!

Day two, just as much deliciousness, and we ran into so many friends! We love that Burger Week brings everyone out to support local restaurants. Everyone is so happy. It's hard not to be with a good burger in your hands.  

@92.5_wbkr Lots of happy dancing today as we try more delicious burgers! Do you have a favorite yet? It’s so hard to pick! #owensboro #owensborokentucky #owensboroburgerweek #kimsdiner #lizziesdiner #jsgoodgrub #basilsfoodtruck #burgersmakeeverythingbetter ♬ Seven Nation Army - 苏七岁

You still have plenty of time to catch up with us! We used our handy dandy Owensboro Burger Week Guide which you can find here:

" title="2024 Owensboro Burger Week Guide" align="center" target="_blank"]

Here's a recap of what we've eaten so far.  Like I said, we are attempting to taste all of them and aren't necessarily going in any kind of order. What should we try next?

Owensboro Burger Week 2024 Continues!

Here are the delicious burgers we've tried so far. It's gonna be hard to pick a favorite!

Gallery Credit: Mary-Katherine Maddox

2024 Owensboro Burger Week Burgers

That’s right, Owensboro! Burger Week is BACK and BIGGER than ever before! You now have NINE days to try all the beefy goodness that Owensboro has to offer.

Now here is the exciting part- one price! $7 for every burger you try! This gives you an unbelievable chance to not only get your favorite burger, but try so many more at some restaurants that traditionally don’t even serve burgers.

Owensboro is known for BBQ, but can those BBQ restaurants do burgers? What about burgers from some of our Mexican restaurants? This week is an epic showdown of burger awesomeness.
Who will have the best burger in 2024? A distinguished panel of self-proclaimed burger experts will blind taste test to determine one champion. Plus, stay tuned for a social media contest during Owensboro Burger Week. Hint, the more burgers you eat, the better chance you have at a prize!

Gallery Credit: Chadwick J Benefield

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