Depending on how you look at it, Christmas was two months ago or it's ten months away.  However, the folks at Imagination Library Daviess County never stop celebrating.  In fact, they have Christmas on their minds 24/7, 365.

Imagination Library of Daviess County has a long history (a sixteen-year history at that) of offering holiday ornaments.  Those ornaments, which are made of pewter, feature iconic landmarks and churches here in Owensboro.  Here's the list of local sites that have been immortalized in the Christmas ornament series and the years in which each was released.

Imagination Library
Imagination Library
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If you haven't seen the photos of these ornaments, check these out!

Owensboro Christmas Ornaments from Imagination Library Daviess County

These ornaments are available year-round at Danhauer Drugs in downtown Owensboro.  They are just $15 each.  However, if you'd like to ship an ornament outside of Owensboro, there's an additional shipping charge of $5 per ornament.

All sixteen ornaments in the series are still available for purchase and all proceeds benefit local Imagination Library programs.

For more information about Imagination Library of Daviess County and to learn more about the program's history and it's founder, the one and only Dolly Parton, CLICK HERE!

And, speaking of Dolly Parton, don't miss your opportunity to share this with your kids.


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