Do you throw birthday parties for your pets?  Laura and Josh Lashbrook do.  Last Friday, their lab, Rudy, turned eleven and she was treated to an amazing birthday surprise.  Laura baked her an absolutely epic birthday cake and bought her a pretty amazing present too.

Rudy Celebrates Her 11th Birthday

There's a fun story behind Rudy's name.  Rudy was Josh's first dog.  Her got her when she was a puppy.  Josh was a bachelor, working at the Owensboro Fire Department and living alone. He named his new pup "Rudy" long before meeting his wife.  The fun coincidence?  Laura's maiden name is Rudy!  Laura says people constantly ask her if Josh named his beloved pooch after her.  As sweet (and slightly weird) as that would have been, that's not how it played out.  LOL!

Laura admits that Rudy didn't like her very much when she first started dating Josh.  In Laura's estimation, both were a bit territorial.  She admits, "We were both battling for the woman of the household." Rudy became quite infamous for eating Laura's socks, her makeup brushes and anything else she could get her paws on.

However, COVID-19 changed their relationship in a big way.  At the height of the pandemic, Laura, who works as a Licensed Massage Therapist, spent a lot of time at home and she and Rudy bonded.  Big time!  They basically became best friends and Laura admits that she doesn't know what she would have done without Rudy entertaining her.  Rudy was reportedly spoiled by the time Laura came around.  Now, it's even worse.  She's spoiled by Josh AND Laura.

Clearly, proof positive is the fact that the dog got a homemade cake for her 11th birthday.  By the way, Laura found that cake on Pinterest.   It doesn't contain "people sweeteners." It’s made of wheat flour, coconut oil, peanut butter and almond milk. The icing, likely the best part, is made of unsweetened plain Greek yogurt and peanut butter.  Then, as you saw above, Laura garnished it with blueberries and dog treats. While the humans thought the cake was "just okay," Rudy was a fan!

Rudy loved her 11th birthday party and, well, loves being eleven.  As Laura explains, "It hasn't slowed her down at all."  Rudy still has a bunch of "puppy" energy and routinely takes walks around the neighborhood, goes for swims at the Lashbrook's and even chases rabbits and squirrels. 

And, when it's all said and done, she gets rewarded with treats.  Homemade. By Laura, of course.  The other woman of the house.

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