Local Owensboro Cheerleading Squads headed to the National Cheer Competition in Disney this weekend and brought home some nice rankings-->  

The Owensboro High School Red Devils Red Squad placed 11th in the Nation.  They are coached by Mrs. Sarah Price.  This squad is very young and determined!  Way to go OHS Red~

The Owensboro High School Black Squad placed 7th in the Nation.  They are coached by Kitty Galloway Jones and Heather Cavitt.  Great Job Black Squad way to work!  This group is incredible in person I love watching them at home games!

Burns Middle School brought it!!!!  They placed 4th in the Nation in Game Day.  The foxes are coached by Robin Ebelhar.  She is an amazing coach and really pushes these girls to their very best!!!  Robin has been one of my dearest friend for 25 plus years and I have personally witnessed her train her girls.  She puts absolute heart and soul into everything she does.  Cheer is LIFE!!!

The Apollo High Eagles placed 14th in the game day division!  These girls are incredible!   Apollo's coaches are Wes Nall, Kristen James, and Nancy Schmeal.


Henderson North Middle School also kick some major butt at Nationals bringing home 2nd place!  Great job!  What an amazing feat~

All of these teams work hard all year long.  They are strong, dedicated, and determined.  Western Kentucky has some of the very best cheer squads in the nation!  We also have some of the most incredible cheer coaches in the nation.

Way to make us proud all!!!  GO TEAMS~


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