The other day, Chad told me he'd learned about a cemetery on 5th Street in downtown Owensboro that's right behind Bowen Tire.

I'd never heard of it and had never seen it.

When I found it, I learned why.

First of all, it's up on a hill and not easily seen, even in high-profile vehicles. Secondly, you have to be coming from Breckinridge to even have a chance since 5th Street is one way.

And, actually, it's more of a memorial to Sergeant Thomas Moseley who fought in the Revolutionary War.

I had no idea this was here and it's BEEN here a pretty long time...since 2001!

And Sgt. Moseley must have been an INCREDIBLY young soldier since the war ended in 1783. That would've made him 16 years old at war's end.

(One more thing...that stone in the video that's hard to read? It really doesn't look like it says Thomas Moseley, even thought it must, right?)

I will, however, admit to being a little confused. The memorial seems to indicate he was born in 1767, which would've made him 16 at the end of the Revolutionary War. On the other hand, a piece on the Bowling Green Daily News' website says he was 85 when he died in 1841. That math doesn't add up.

So I'm going with this...I'm betting 1767 was the beginning of his military service.

Anyway, check out our visit:

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