My buddy, Daniel Benedict, has successfully completed a Kickstarter campaign that raised enough money for him and his crew to move into the next phase of producing the horror film The Bloody Man.

Getting the money for the project is AMAZING, but there is still much work to be done in order for Daniel and his team to begin filming next summer.

And, by that, I mean he's looking for locations and props.

He's looking for houses in or around Owensboro to which he and the crew can have 24-hour total access for six weeks of filming.

Daniel is also looking for any props or furniture from the late 1970s through the mid 1980s up to and including vehicles--cars, trucks, buses, and the like.

Naturally, he's looking for clothing and shoes, but mainly from the 80s.

And, finally, crew members are needed. We're talking production assistants, hair and makeup, grips, and set design.

If you can help Daniel out in any of these areas, please visit his Facebook page and send him a message.

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