Let me throw a number at you--11%. That's average rate of resuscitation for the nation's fire department trainees in the month of October.

Now, how about this number?


That's the October rate for the OFD, according to Firehouse.com.

That number bumps all the way up to 100% for cardiac and respiratory arrest victims attended to by the Station Three third-shift crew, considered one of Owensboro's busiest.

Firehouse.com considers these high safety rates to be a result of the OFD's advanced life support training firefighters received in September.

It's been 20 years since Owensboro firefighters were also required to become emergency medical technicians and it looks like the state of the art training they received in October from Evansville's Air Evac Lifeteam and regional Yellow Ambulance is paying off...and paying off QUICKLY.


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