Every time I drive by the Owensboro Health Business Center, I reminisce about the many times I spent in what was once a pretty popular Owensboro shopping center.

Now, I think we all remember when it was Winn-Dixie--the business that occupied this space just prior to Owensboro Health.

But can you go further back with me?

Before WINN-DIXIE, it was an IGA that anchored the strip mall that was part of this shopping center.

There was also a Greene's Pharmacy (my grandmother's favorite), a Ben Franklin 5 & 10, and a music store (can't remember the name right now).

To the right of the image was the other part of this shopping center, also a strip mall.

And this goes way back...to the point where my memory is pretty vague.

But in THAT section, there was a Green Stamp store.

Remember when your parents and grandparents...maybe even YOU...collected S&H Green Stamps and then you'd go to the Green Stamp store and trade them in for merchandise?

There was also a Baskin Robbins in there.

I can't remember the rest, but I'm all ears if you do.


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