Have you ever seen the acronym F.I.L.D. around town or online? It's always in reference to something regarding Owensboro Public Schools or OHS. It stands for Forever I Love [the] Devils and it was first used as a chant and on signs when I was a senior in 2004-2005. Some awesome fellas in SIA/Interact (the school spirit club) were inspired by a popular song at the time to come up with it.

And it's true! NO matter what, win or lose, once a Red Devil, always a Red Devil.  If you ever walked the halls as a student at OHS, you'll be excited to know that the Owensboro Public School's Foundation for Excellence has officially organized an Alumni Association.

A new website will allow you to register and create a profile for the member directory with your name, the year you graduated, and any information you'd like to share. Some folks have added a picture, post-secondary school info, and up-to-date career details. You can list your contact information too if you want classmates to be able to get in touch with you, and reconnect with people you maybe haven't seen since graduation.

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Of course, OPS will use this platform to keep all of us informed on any exciting news from our alma mater as well as any events people may want to attend.  There is a shop for spirit wear, an interactive map to see where Red Devils are all over the world, and message boards to chat with folks about whatever nostalgic topic your red and black heart desires.

I love that this can be a resource for planning reunions as well.  I can't believe that in 2025, my class will reach the 20-year milestone! We had an absolute blast at our 10-year reunion, but these knees don't "Tootsie Roll" like they used to and if anybody Drops it Like it's Hot, they'll be needing some Aleve the day after!

So Red Devils, mount up! Get signed up for the Owensboro High School Alumni Association at owensboroalumni.org.  I found that it's more user-friendly on a computer, but you can definitely navigate the website on a cell phone if you want. I can't wait to see how this group grows and the fun that could come from it.

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