Yesterday was a big day for local baseball and softball players and fans here in Owensboro.  Mayor Tom Watson, other city and county officials, representatives from Kentucky Legend and the staff of Owensboro Parks and Recreation gathered on the Red Field at Jack C. Fisher Park to officially celebrate the completion and end result of a multi-million dollar improvement project.  And I gotta say, as someone who spent a decade-plus playing in adult softball leagues at the park, the changes are incredible and the complex is state-of-the-art!  It's going to make everyone want to "Play ball!"

Big Changes at Jack C. Fisher Park in Owensboro

The City of Owensboro is celebrating huge changes and improvements at Jack C. Fisher Park, the city's multi-million dollar baseball/softball complex.

Jack C. Fisher Park is now home to four hybrid-turf fields.  By the way, I have been "retired" from softball since 2012, but stepping onto that new turf yesterday made we really want to play again.  At least once!

In addition to the new turf fields, there have been improvements made to the practice field.  There are also additional shade and seating structures for fans inside the complex, additional parking outside it and a brand new playground, which sits directly outside the fence of the Blue Field.  That playground is baseball and softball-inspired.

Jack C. Fisher Park has been hosting baseball and softball tournaments in Owensboro since the late 80s.  For 36 years now and officials believe the renovations will make it a more popular destination than ever before.  Typically, the complex hosts between 22 to 26 events per season.  Yesterday, Mayor Watson projected that the park could soon host up to 34 to 38 tournaments per year.


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