Near the end of October, the seventh grade football team from Owensboro Middle School headed off to Bowling Green to play for the state championship. They rolled down I-165 from Owensboro to Greenwood High School as heavy favorites to win the title. See, the young Red Devils had just stormed through their regular season schedule. They had beaten everyone who had taken the field against them. Sometimes, the weight of expectation can be too much for young athletes to bear. The OMS Middle School team handled that expectation like they champions they are.

The team's head coach, Greg Brown, was joined on the sidelines by Ryan Bowling, VaSaad Greer, Cameron Kelly and Kendall Tinsley. It's clear the coaches knew what they were doing with the team of young players. The team was, simply put, unstoppable.

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Get this! Here's a really fun fact that likely deserves a mention on an ESPN highlight reel. The seventh grade team didn't allow a single touchdown to be scored against them the ENTIRE season. Seriously! They didn't allow a single touchdown.

As Teresa Cook explains, "The only points scored against us were because of a safety." By the way, Teresa's son Will plays for the team. She is one proud team mom. Heck! There a bunch of proud team moms and dads and rightfully so. Teresa adds, "They're a great group of kids. Great coaches!"

The team finished their season a perfect 9-0 and that season was capped by a win over the Graves County Middle School Eagles in the state championship game.

A big congratulations to Owensboro Middle School!

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