There have been quite a few professional athletes that have come from Owensboro--Nicky Hayden, Mark Higgs, and Rex Chapman are a few that leap to mind. There are a lot more of whom we are proud. I could be here a while.


But there might be one that doesn't immediately "leap to mind." And on Tuesday night, he will be making his NBA head coaching debut. According to former Eyewitness News-WEHT/WTVW anchor, Jake Boswell...

<span class="css-901oao css-16my406 r-poiln3 r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0">Today Owensboro native and Apollo High School graduate Tyler Lashbrook with make his NBA</span><span class="css-901oao css-16my406 r-poiln3 r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0"> head coaching debut on </span>ESPN <span class="css-901oao css-16my406 r-poiln3 r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0"> at 6 PM Central. Tyler has spent nearly a decade with the </span><span class="r-18u37iz">Sixers</span><span class="css-901oao css-16my406 r-poiln3 r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0">. This week in Utah NBA Summer League</span><span class="css-901oao css-16my406 r-poiln3 r-bcqeeo r-qvutc0"> he'll be the team's head coach.</span>


As I am writing this, Tyler--I mean Coach Lashbrook--is on the floor in Salt Lake City and representing his alma mater, Western Kentucky, proudly. In fact, among the players he's coaching is former Hilltopper superstar Charles Bassey.

He'll coach two more at the Utah NBA Summer League.


Here's a 2020 profile of Coach Lashbrook from Eyewitness News' Jake Boswell:


A skill development coach for the 76ers, Lashbrook will coach three games in Salt Lake City beginning with the July 5th game against the Memphis Grizzlies. The game on July 6th will be against the hometown Utah Jazz. The Utah summer league games for Philadelphia will wrap up on Thursday, July 7th, against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Tyler Lashbrook is realizing his dream of coaching in the NBA, but it likely will not stop here. The summer league tilts are a great stepping stone and I look forward to seeing what happens next.

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