I seem to recall having an earthquake drill when I was in school a long time ago. But I can't remember exactly what we did since I've always heard that you should stand in a doorway.

And since you can't squeeze 30 kids into the one doorway, that's probably why I can't remember.

But there's way more to it than that. And that's where the 2018 Great Central U.S. ShakeOut comes in.

Millions of people, including our own Owensboro Police Department, will participate in this drill at 10:18AM on 10/18/18.


We live in an earthquake zone; by all accounts, that New Madrid Fault will NEVER be anything to sneeze at.

And we've some tremors here and there over the years.

But it's never a bad idea to be prepared for something as potentially devastating as an earthquake.

Are YOU going to participate?

The Great Central U.S. ShakeOut...it's not just for civil servants anymore.

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