The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will present its 50th annual Daytime Emmy® Awards in Los Angeles on Friday, June 16th on CBS and Paramount+. The live event will be followed the next day by the Daytime Emmys® Lifestyle & Creative Arts Ceremony. And that's the one WE will be following very closely.

The Daytime Emmys® have grown considerably since the inaugural celebration when only 12 awards were handed out. That number has ballooned to more than 40. As a result, you need two days to get them all distributed. Clearly, with the advent of an inordinate amount of cable channels and a rapidly growing number of streaming platforms, you have to adjust upwardly with the times.

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Daytime Emmy Nomination for Owensboro Production Team

During Thursday morning's monthly Chamber of Commerce Rooster Booster breakfast, it was announced that My Bluegrass Story, a 13-episode series produced in Owensboro at the Bluegrass Hall of Fame and Museum, has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy® in the category of Best Arts and Popular Culture Program.

I spoke with an elated Jason Tanner of Tanner+West who was beaming with pride about his team's success with My Bluegrass Story which airs on RFD-TV.

I'm really proud of that fact that this is truly an Owensboro production.  The majority of crew that worked on this live right here.  Those include Chris Joslin (executive producer), Mike Simpson whose roots are here (executive producer), myself (director, producer), David Grinnell (director of photography, producer, editor), Jared Tanner (audio director, audio editor, and my brother!), Dave Docimo (episode director and my childhood best friend), Eric Bivens (stage lighting director), Daniel Benedict (assistant editor), David Mackey (grip), Natalie Tanner (my wife) and Jilly Mackey were craft services. Additionally, the intro song was composed by Chris Joslin, Randy Lanham and Jared Tanner.
The Arts and Popular Culture Program category will be a part of the Daytime Creative Arts and Lifestyle Emmy® ceremony, and that will stream live on Saturday, June 17th at Watch.TheEmmys.TV. It will also be available via the Emmys® apps for iOS, tvOS, Android, FireTV, and Roku (full list at
Congratulations to the My Bluegrass Story team and the very BEST of luck in Los Angeles.



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