A few years ago, there were quite a few stories about folks who had scary encounters in parking lots. I never had anything happen to me, but I know that vehicles are broken into everywhere and it just always pays to be diligent. So, here's your friendly reminder to not only lock your vehicle but make sure that there's nothing of value is left out in the open.

I checked the Owensboro Police Department's website regarding car break-ins and found some information that confirms what I've thought about such crimes. It seems it does not take a perpetrator very long, at all, to commit such a break-in; the police officially call it "theft from auto."

And, as we all might expect, it's a good idea not to leave anything visible on your vehicle's seats that might be attractive to a burglar like checkbooks, phones, and wallets, among others.

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Also, the OPD recommends putting packages and gifts in your trunk and keeping tools out of sight by locking them in a toolbox. And, by all means, do not try to handle a sketchy situation yourself. If you see anything suspicious, just call 911, and don't put yourself in danger.

I hate to see things like this happening in my city. But, I guess it happens in every city, large or small. So vigilance will continue to be the order of the day. It should ALWAYS be the order of the day.

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