My sister and I still laugh about our late mother's habit--throughout the entire time she and I were on the planet at the same time, actually--of not really struggling to remember something or someone's name.

...But I Never Forget a Face

In the case of SOMEONE, if she couldn't immediately remember the person's name to which she was referring, she'd just say "whatchacallit," "whatshisname", "whatshername," or merely "thing." I know, I know. That last one sounds disrespectful, but if you knew Mom, you'd know it was anything BUT disrespectful. She didn't beat around the bush; if she couldn't remember something immediately, she gave it a generic nickname and moved on.

When a Name Changes, It Takes a While to Catch Up

I think about when I end up calling something by its FORMER name. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does that.

I think it's a common practice to continue referring to something by a former name if it had that former name for a very long time.

Also, when you're giving directions, it just might be easier to use that older, more familiar name. I mean, what difference would it make if the goal is to get someone from Point A to Point B.

Owensboro Street Names/Landmarks Have Changed Quite a Bit Over Time

There are streets and landmarks/businesses in Owensboro that have changed names for various reasons and I still hear folks refer to them by former names.

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Human nature. It happens. And some that I've noticed don't really even HAVE an official name. It's just that the business that previously occupied said location is no longer there and won't be back. You'll see that example below

Here are all the ones I've picked up on:

Owensboro Streets and Landmarks Still Being Called by Their Former Names

Once you've grown familiar with something's name, it becomes difficult to quickly change your ways once it has a NEW name.

Gallery Credit: Dave Spencer

Owensboro's Hard-to-Pronounce Street Names and Their Histories...I Think

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