Here's an easy one. Can you drive? If you said yes, that's at LEAST half the battle if you're needing seasonal work and you'd like to drive for UPS.

Second, do you have your own vehicle? There's the other half of the battle. And it's getting easier, isn't it?

UPS in Owensboro is looking for a seasonal personal vehicle package driver.

Now, I have to say this is a new one on me. When I saw that UPS was seeking a driver, I automatically assumed--like some would, maybe--that we were talking about a driver for one of those big brown trucks.

But UPS also needs Personal Vehicle Drivers.

You have to be at least 21, have proof of a registered vehicle, and maintain minimum state required auto insurance.

According to the UPS job site, trucks can be no more than 10,000 pounds and must have a covered and secured bed. Also, the vehicle must be free of "bumper stickers, political stickers, offensive markings etc" and cannot have "low rider suspensions, oversized rims, aftermarket blacked out windows, and other company’s logos or markings."

If you need some extra money and are looking for seasonal work, click that link in the previous paragraph, if you haven't done so, and you could be well on your way.

Good luck!



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