Ice Storm 2021 has arrived and it is getting the best of some of us.  Jacy English, put on the show of her life without even realizing it when she hit a patch of ice on her porch and her Ring camera caught the hysterical fall...WATCH-->

While we all think this is absolutely hilarious we also know that slipping on ice can cause some serious injuries.  We wanted to share with you all some tips for preparing yourselves as best as possible when there are slippery conditions.

  •  Make sure you have a good pair of shoes.  There isn't a sure fire shoe that will work unless you want to wear cleats with metal spikes. Rubber-soled shoes are best.
  • Walk cautious.  When you slip it is usually quick because you didn't see the ice.  Check the path you have to take before you set out to your car.
  • Walk like a penguin this helps to center your body.  Small steps, straight up, and shuffle.
  • Make sure to get clear snow as soon as you can because it will pack down and ice over and can cause falls.
  • Try not to have your hands full when walk on the ice.  If you have to carry items back and forth do it slowly and in several trips.

Our friend, Nick Payne, had quite the fall too and his wife got it on video LOL!

We had a chance to talk with Jacy on the show this morning!


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