Heather Lynn Phillips was gifted with amazing artistic ability.  In fact, she is so good she decided to start making dolls after her daughter fell in love with a Reborn Avatar baby and she saw the price!

Reborn baby dolls can run upwards of about $500-$700 and I even saw a few that were in the thousands.  Not many people can afford much less want to pay that much for a baby doll.

Heather decided to do a little research and thought "if other people can do it so can I!"  She told me "I'm an artist, I'll just do it myself"

She ordered the doll parts and went to work watching YouTube videos.

Her first attempt was the Avatar Baby which is the one her daughter wanted for Christmas.  Here is how it turned out;

Heather Lynn Phillips
Heather Lynn Phillips

After finishing the Avatar Baby she had paints and supplies left and decided to make more!  She made a fairy and even Baby Bruce Banner (The Hulk).

Heather Lynn Phillips

She will actually be selling some of the dolls she has made.

It amazes me how talented Heather is.  Not only is she artistic but she is a busy mom and part owner in the Legal Hippie.

Charlotte would go crazy over these baby dolls.  I see me placing an order in the near future but I am not sure which one to order.  I wonder if Heather does Disney Princess Babies LOL!

If you think you might be interested in purchasing a doll you can give Heather a call at 270-570-3643.