It's honestly hard to believe but today marks the 20th anniversary of the F-3 tornado that tore through Owensboro, Kentucky on January 3rd, 2000.  For many of us, it seems like yesterday.  Our memories of that day are so vividly etched into our minds.  I think everyone in town knows exactly when and where they were when that tornado hit. Among the houses that were basically leveled that day was my friend Leisa's.  Leisa's home, on McIntire Crossing, was one of many ravaged and destroyed that afternoon.  And, while her house was eventually rebuilt, Leisa still carries with her the memories of that day . . . and photos that capture the absolute,  undeniable and random fury of Mother Nature.  This is her story.

Here's Eyewitness News coverage of the tornado that day.  We knew, when Wayne Hart mentioned that the tornado was tracking through Webster County en route to Owensboro, we could be in trouble.  Turns out, we were.

Do you remember where you were when the tornado hit?

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