We've heard, on many occasions, what citizens of Owensboro would love to see come to town.

But we've never asked what Owensboroans believe the city does NOT need more of.

So I asked the question and got some very interesting answers...and one that came up SEVERAL times surprised me.

It appears as if RESTAURANTS top the list of things Owensboroans feel the city has plenty of.

But then that category was broken down into fast food restaurants, pizza restaurants, chicken restaurants, Mexican restaurants, and Chinese restaurants.

With the recent explosion of car washes in the city, I wasn't surprised to see that make the list.

It was suggested that we don't need anymore vacant commercial properties and convenience stores. I thought that first item might have come up more often.

I was also VERY surprised to see the number of people who said "banks." I guess I didn't realize how many banks were in Owensboro or that that was an issue.

Finance companies were also listed.

Closed bridges and detours came up, and I gotta tell ya, it doesn't seem like you CAN go very far without encountering some type of road work.

Stop lights, pot holes, people driving while on their phones, taxes, politicians, strip malls, and lack of industrial jobs were also mentioned leading one responder to say this:

"Well I just love stop lights, pot holes, driving behind ppl on their phones, taking detours, Chinese restaurants, chicken restaurants, taxes, politicians, not having high paying industrial jobs and (empty) strip malls.....I have nothing to complain about"

And, finally, we get this from Greg:

"Glad I live in Ohio County.....don't have a dog in this fight. But if you insist, I'd say you're town seems alright."



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